Garage Door Testimonials

" I had used a garage door guy for over 20 years and he is about to retired. So my contractor recommended David to me for a trial . I was very happy with him after he installed my first door . He was very courteous,  detailed, fast and careful. Most important of all, he is always on time ! Then I recommended three more jobs for him. Everybody was happy with him as well."

Kathy Y., Property Manager, Houston, TX

"I had my garage door break and after having the glass fall out onto my head and break while trying to repair it myself.  After this, I decided to get some professional help!  I was given David's name and called him to see if he could help me.  I called him at 7:00 p.m.and he was at my house first thing the next morning.  He diagnosed the problem and after checking other places prices, he was in line with all of them, so I gave him the go ahead to fix it.  He repaired my garage door and replaced the glass in short fashion, and it has worked great ever since!!!  I would recommend David Lueck first for any family member or friend that needs overhead door repair!!!  He is prompt, professional, and does great work with competitive pricing!!!!
Thanks David,
Jason Hudson
customer for life!!"