C.H.I. Overhead Doors Introduces New B.I.M. Models

C.H.I. overhead garage door in Sugar Land, TX

C.H.I. is pleased to introduce our new B.I.M. models for commercial sectional and rolling steel products. B.I.M. models are 3-D image portrayals of our products used by architects and general contractors in construction plans. The 3-D images allow the architects and contractors to see if there are conflicts for space between various building materials. For example; would the HVAC interfere with track and counterbalance system of the C.H.I. overhead door above the header. The B.I.M. models, when copied and pasted into the construction plans, act as a "place holder" for the dimensional footprint of our doors. If any other materials encroach on their space a warning appears to alert the person working on the plans. Our B.I.M. models can be found in the C.H.I. Overhead Doors section on www.arcat.com and on the C.H.I. web site in the Architect section. CAD REVIT software is needed to use the models.

Posted by David on 8/14/2013