Replace Your Raynor Garage Door Bottom Door Seal

As the summer season comes to an end it's time to start doing the "to-do" list for the upcoming fall and winter season. Included on that list should be the replacement of the bottom vinyl seal on your Raynor garage door.

If you have a Raynor garage door and you've never replaced the bottom door seal then now is a perfect time to do it. Over the years the weather seal becomes stiff and no longer gives a good seal between the door and the garage floor. Or if you see daylight under the door you may find that a chipmunk or other small animal may have chewed part of seal (most likely to get out of the garage).

So which type of seal do you need? There are two sizes of bottom seal that Raynor uses - 3" seal and 4" seal. The 3" Gray Bottom Seal is the standard seal that is used on all of the doors. The 4" Gray Bottom Seal is used to fill in small gaps and deficiencies in the garage floor which is usually found on larger openings and older homes. Pull the seal out of the end of your door and measure the width of the seal as it lays flat to determine if your door has 3" or 4" seal.

A new bottom seal on your Raynor garage door will help keep out the rain and give your door a complete seal.

Posted by David on 7/18/2013 9:58:52 AM